Marburg an der Lahn... simply the coolest place in Germany.

Studying at the world's first Protestant university that is still in operation, the Philipps-Universit├Ąt in Marburg is a great place to study.  The academic offering is solid and the mix of locals (population ca. 75,000) and students (ca. 27,000) means you can feel comfortable here in this Studentenstadt.

The German spoken in Marburg is easy to pick up on, with no thick dialect to cut through in those first weeks.  It's like you've seen and heard in your German classes back home.

You'll be surrounded by lots of students and countless opportunities for immersion.  Want to go home with Sven to meet his family and see the tiny town he grew up in?  Want to hop a train to Frankfurt or Kassel to check out what's going on there (included in your Achievement fees)?  It's all at your fingertips!