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Thank you for your interest in Achievement Study Abroad.  If you have any questions, we're easy to reach and will get right back to you, normally within a work day.  Just send us an e-mail at 

contact [@] achievementstudyabroad.org or use the contact form below.

To reach us in the event of an emergency from a US number, dial 01149 176 457 46249.


When are the application deadlines?

For the Vienna-Marburg Combined and Marburg Stand-Alone programs: April 15th for the fall semester and November 1st for the spring semester.

For the Vienna Summer program: March 15th.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, we have a $200 application fee that is due after you submit your initial application and when you decide that you would like us to start processing your application.  The non-refundable fee is, of course, applied to your program fee once you are admitted to the program and enroll.


What level of proficiency in German will I need to be admitted to the program?

Our motto is that it's not where your German is on a proficiency scale right now, but how important proficiency in German is to you and what you plan to accomplish through studying abroad with Achievement.  For some students fluency is very important; for other students it's more about gaining experience abroad, and they take some or even most of their classes in English.  There is a solid English department at the Uni Marburg, and we've had students - including English majors - take some amazing classes in English here.   Other departments also offer part of their curriculum in English, and we help students find and register for those courses as part of our academic advising.  

For the students wanting to make big strides in German proficiency, we definitely have you covered!  You will gain a ton of exposure and countless opportunities to improve your German so that you will feel comfortable in daily conversation, taking notes in class in German, and even holding presentations in German.  Important note:  experience shows that once you see yourself making progress and meeting new friends, the challenge of learning a language becomes more and more fun.  We have had students arrive here with virtually no German who return home after two semesters more or less fluent. 

For the above reasons we prefer not to have rigid requirements on the number of semesters a student has taken college-level German.  We're more interested in the student's motivation and approval from their home campus.

BTW:  we consider the housing opportunity in the castle to be the ultimate immersion experience and therefore recommend it to any student who is eager to meet and live together with other German students. For more information, contact us at castle [@] achievementstudyabroad.org and we will be in touch with application materials.

What will my living situation be like?

In Vienna, Achievement Study Abroad students live in international student dormitories and share a suite with two or three other students.  The suite has a common kitchen area and bathroom.  Each suite has private, lockable single rooms so that you have full privacy when you want it.  The arrangement is excellent for enabling you to meet other students while also providing you with a place to call your own.

In Marburg, Achievement Study Abroad students live in student dormitories alongside other German and international students.  The rooms are single occupancy, with bathrooms and kitchens on each wing.  As in Vienna, the housing arrangement enables you to meet other students while also providing you with privacy.

In Marburg there is also the opportunity to live in the castle.  Yes, a castle.  The castle belongs to the Uni Marburg and is a selective, self-governed dormitory.  Our students love it there.  It’s the ultimate immersion opportunity.  Interested in applying?  Drop us a line at
castle [@] achievementstudyabroad.org 
and we’ll be in touch with an application and background information.


Should I bring a smart phone or laptop with me?

Most students bring both with them, but it is entirely up to the student.  Our take on it is that since international smart phone plans don’t always work, that you plan on purchasing a “brick” upon arrival in case your smart phone doesn’t work right off the bat, then tackle the smart phone issues later if necessary.  With the brick you are at least reachable.

The laptop is handy for skyping with family and of course for doing homework.  Wi-Fi is available in your Vienna housing.  In Marburg the dormitories have a mix of Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, and the university buildings all provide Wi-Fi that you can access with your student matriculation information, which Achievement Study Abroad obtains for you.


What are Vienna and Marburg like?

While vastly different in some ways, both cities are easy to adjust to and friendly toward American exchange students like you. 

With a population of around 1.7 million, Vienna is a large capital city with an excellent public transportation network and endless opportunities to discover the city and the surrounding area / Austria.  The worst thing you can do in Vienna is hang out online in your room.  Get out and discover!

In Marburg we’ve often heard students say they are surprised at the population of Marburg.  While it’s not anywhere near the size of Vienna, it’s also much bigger than your average small university town.  Marburg’s population is around 75,000 with another 27,000 students.  So the university is not small, and the population is packed into a small area.  The effect is that, in the city center, where Achievement Study Abroad students live, there is always something going on.  And the university is at the heart of the bustle.  Remember what Prof. Bunsen said after leaving Marburg to assume a professorship in Göttingen:  “Göttingen hat eine Universität.  Marburg ist eine Universität.”  (Goettingen has a university.  Marburg is a university.)


What’s included in the program fees?

Quite a lot!  Starting with language course fees and weekly activities in Vienna, semester tuition at the Universität Marburg, bi-weekly get-togethers at the program director’s home (aka a home away from home), student housing for the duration of the program (semester breaks included for full-year students), group travel including train fare and accommodations, both en route from Vienna to Marburg (Salzburg and Frankfurt) and on the three-day Berlin excursion, orientation, pre-departure and academic advising, grade report, Ucard with library card function.

As listed on each program details sheet, expenses not included in the program fees are:

  • Meals (one semester)
  • International airfare
  • US passport
  • Student residency permit (applied for on-site)
  • Mandatory German health insurance (DAK)
  • Textbooks
  • Local transportation in Vienna
  • Additional personal expenses (laundry, cell phone with a local #)
  • Rundfunkgebühr (17.50 EUR per month)

Check out our program detail sheets on the programs and pricing page.  Be in touch with us if you have any questions.




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