a result brought about by resolve, persistence, or endeavor.

Get ready for a powerful and invigorating outlook on study abroad.

About us

The team

That's us:  Kris and Giulietta, the couple behind Achievement Study Abroad.  She's originally from the Caucasus.  He's originally from Kansas City (MO).  She's a numbers-cruncher with legendary culinary skills.  He's a language nerd who also loves jogging and shooting film.

In Marburg we invite our students into our home 1-2 times a month for a home-cooked meal, so we can catch up and take a break from the outside world.  It's part of our Genuss-ist-ein-Muss philosophy.

But it's not about us; it's about you and your time abroad with Achievement.  

Our mission

We partner with accredited universities to provide the ultimate study abroad experience.  Whether you are looking to fulfill some elective requirements or complete a German major, we are here to empower you, our students, by guiding you through study abroad, helping you to achieve your personal and academic goals.  We believe in a personalized approach to study abroad.  Here no one gets lost in the shuffle.

We get to know you as an individual and put a personalized experience in place for you so that you can focus on succeeding in your new environment.  Whatever program option you choose, your time with Achievement Study Abroad will challenge you and reward you with an amazing, life-changing experience.

Our story

Coming from two vastly different parts of the world and settling in Germany, our own lives and the lives of our children have been shaped by international experiences. 

Our commitment to life-long learning, our fascination with languages (our home is trilingual), and years of working with US students led us to found Achievement Study Abroad. 

This is our passion, our Lebenswerk, it's what we are supposed to be doing on this lovely planet.  Come and be part of our ongoing story.

Study abroad:  should I stay or should I go?

It's hard to describe just what happens when you study abroad.  But let's put it this way:  we've never met anyone who regretted studying abroad.  On the contrary, we are often told that studying abroad with us was the best decision they ever made.  It's an overwhelmingly positive before/after experience. 

And we are here to help you make the most of it.  We'll be there for you for the duration of your journey, from the application process to meeting you at the airport to helping you find strategies for dealing with homesickness to delivering grades to your home school once you've completed the program. 

Not sure if you can do it?  Let's see your application and talk about what works best for you.  
Just know that when you receive notification from us that you have been admitted to the program, you can rest assured that we believe you will succeed on the program.  

At Achievement Study Abroad we deliver quality study abroad programs with the right mix to challenge you and empower you.  So when all is said and done, you will feel more confident knowing that your Achievement Study Abroad experience sets you apart from job market and grad school competition. 

So get packing, and come achieve with us!

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